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Let’s Play PA 2015 Recap

About the Conference
Let’s Play PA was a 1.5 day conference on video game development held at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology on October 2nd and 3rd. the Pennsylvania-centric event combined a conference and awards show celebrating the efforts of hundreds of talented students, developers, and hobbyists from across the Commonwealth.

The focus of the Let’s Play PA conference was quite simple; to showcase the talent that Pennsylvania has to offer in game developers and video game educational programs. Pennsylvania is a growing hub of talent, skill, and vision, and this event was designed to highlight our achievements and inspire new and hobbyist video game entrepreneurs.

Event Details

  • 148/202 attendees
    • 8 Colleges / Universities
    • 7 School Districts
  • 22 game companies
    • 15 exhibitor / attendees
    • 7 attendees only
  • 23 games presented in the Expo Hall including:
    • Qbots
    • Redd Scientific from HU’s Video Game Accelerator
    • three unreleased games
  • 5 panel talks
    • Psychology of Game Design
    • Postmortems
    • Transformative Games
    • Funding Sources
    • Virtual Reality
  • 1 keynote presentation
  • Social channels
    • Twitter: #letsplaypa
    • Livestream: bit.ly/letsplay2015
Notable Guests
Aventine Studios Crazy Hands Studios Games d’Vinci Interactive
JPL Creative Kiwi Marketing Group Little Wins
Phalanx Interactive Rhoads & Sinon Skarlatos Zonarich LLC
Skyless Game Studio Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania
Academic Institutions
Bloomsburg University Carnegie Mellon University Drexel University
Harrisburg University Hussian School of Art Moore College of Art & Design
Pennsylvania College of Art & Design Villanova University Susquehanna University

The Expo Hall provided hands-on demos from college students, indie developers, and established studios in both digital and tabletop games.

Expo Companies
3 Fright LLC Alchemedium Broken Crown Games
Dux Nova Fun to 11 Fish Potato Games
Grimm Bros Hot Air Raccoon Games Qbots LLC
Rubio Games Schell Games Skyless Games


Expo Academic Institutions
Drexel University Harrisburg University Moore College of Art & Design

In addition, Let’s Play PA highlighted pre-release version of games:

  • Epic PvP (Fun to 11)
  • Qbots (Qbots LLC)
  • Dragon Fin Soup (Grimm Bros)
  • Fright Show Fighter (3 Fright LLC)
  • A Tofu Tail (Alchemedium)

The event hosted presentations from local and national speakers who spoke on various industry related topics. They provided insight on the development process, discussions of company culture, tips for building or expanding your company, and the opportunity to pose unique questions related to specific guests needs.


Large Companies Represented by Speakers
Ubisoft Microsoft Games for Change
EPIC Games Amazon Founders Institute
343 Studios


Pennsylvania Companies Represented by Speakers
Ben Franklin Partners Elsevier Fun to 11
Grimm Bros Schell Games Skyless Games

Whether you’re a college student looking for your first full-time job or someone who is looking to meet the right people for your next project, come mingle with people from inside and outside of Pennsylvania, all of whom share the same goal of wanting to make awesome interactive experiences.

Awards Show
Attendees were able to vote on what they thought the best products or experiences were when sampling the different games in the Expo Hall. There was also a competition where developers submitted games that they have created within a specific time frame and were judged to determine which were the best. The results of these two activities were revealed at the Awards Show which served as the conclusion of the event.

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